Dedicated telephone number and email address to help with Kirsty's and Craig's appeals

The families of Kirsty Maxwell and Craig Mallon are conscious of the fact (and live in hope) that people who watched Killed Abroad on BBC One Scotland on Monday 20 August will have information that they want to share.  

In addition to the appeals' various social media platforms, the families have arranged a dedicated telephone number which people can use to text or call with any information that they think may assist - all in confidence.


Any information that may be helpful can be given via this confidential email address: info@killedabroad.com

Please get in contact and one of our team will get back to you.

Please share this information as widely as possible to reach people who may be able to help to find the answers to Kirsty Maxwell's suspicious death and Craig Mallon's murder.

Spanish media coverage

Spanish channel ABC have published information on their website about the BBC's Killed Abroad documentary.

More about the documentary

Kirsty Maxwell’s young life ended tragically when she died in suspicious, unexplained circumstances whilst on holiday in Benidorm, Spain on 29th April 2017. 


BBC Scotland broadcast a one-hour documentary, 'Killed Abroad', which examined Kirsty's, and also Craig Mallon’s, cases. It discussed wider issues about families losing loved ones abroad in terrible circumstances, who are then abandoned by their governments, leaving them to do their own investigations in countries abroad.

Whilst a sad and powerful programme, we hope that this documentary will result in:

  • the public coming forward with information regarding Kirsty’s case
  • the Spanish authorities providing much needed answers for Kirsty’s family
  • change regarding the support provided to UK families losing loved ones abroad to homicide or in suspicious or unexplained circumstances

Social media appeals and support from the public have played a major role in identifying potential evidence and pushing the authorities in Spain to progress lines of inquiry regarding Kirsty's case.

The question as to what happened to Kirsty remains unanswered. We hope that this documentary will help to obtain those answers.

Kirsty and Craig’s families thank everyone for their amazing continued support.

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