Circumstances around Kirsty's death

After arriving at My Pretty Payma Apartments, Kirsty and her 19 friends went to various bars in the 'English Quarter' of Benidorm.

They were in good humour, enjoying their celebrations and stayed together as a close group.

As the night progressed, various members of the group left to return to the apartments. Kirsty and some of her friends returned at 05.30 and went to sleep.

When other members of the group returned shortly after 06.40, Kirsty was asleep in bed; some of her friends took a video of her because she was snoring. This video is timed at 06.50 and is the last confirmed sighting of Kirsty.

Within an hour, Kirsty was found dead at the side of the pool having fallen from room 10E.

What happened in the one hour period between the video being taken of Kirsty sleeping at 06.50, her being in room 10E and her death at 07.50 is not clear due to various issues.

The police investigated Kirsty’s death as homicide and arrested a male who was released from Benidorm's court. This man and his friends are still subject of court investigations regarding Kirsty’s death.

Appeal points regarding Kirsty’s death

  • Do you recollect seeing Kirsty and her friends, who were wearing distinctive pink shirts on the evening and early hours of Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April 2017 in the 'English Quarter' of Benidorm?

  • Please help us with any information regarding a woman described as “not English and not Spanish”, who stayed for a short period in room 10A of My Pretty Payma Apartments on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April 2017. This girl may be known to locals in Benidorm. Any information that you think may be relevant to this girl's identity would be very much appreciated.

  • Do you have any information regarding a group of around 50 English men from Nottingham, who were staying at various locations in Benidorm including My Pretty Payma Apartments and were in various bars of 'The English Quarter' of Benidorm?

If you were in the 'English Quarter' of Benidorm, Spain on 28th Friday and Saturday 29th April 2017, please think about what we’re asking you to remember - unconsciously, you may have a vital piece of information.

Have you heard anything about Kirsty’s death? Please let us know if so as that small piece of information may help her family to find out what happened to Kirsty.