Significant and key individuals, confidential information

Some significant and key individuals interviewed during initial police investigations have not provided detailed statements, declarations and versions of events.

Various significant and key individuals who have vital information regarding Kirsty’s death have not been traced and interviewed.

We appreciate that some people may be reluctant to come forward or share specific information due to various reasons. 

We have a dedicated, confidential email address: and trained staff who know how to deal with and protect such sensitive information.

Appeal points regarding significant and key Individuals

  • Please send us any information you think may be relevant regarding the five men from Nottingham, England who were in room 10E where Kirsty was before she died.

  • Who was the girl in room 10A of My Pretty Payma Apartments, Benidorm on Friday 28th and 29th April 2017? She is described as “not English and not Spanish” and appears to have stayed for a short period in room 10A. She may be known to locals in Benidorm. Any information as to who this girl might be would be very much appreciated.

  • There were 50 men from Nottingham, England in Benidorm on a stag weekend from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April 2017. Please send us any information you have about these men which may assist Kirsty’s family’s search for answers.