Key facts

A brief overview of the known circumstances of Kirsty’s death and the investigation

21.15, Friday 28th April 2017: Kirsty and 19 friends from Scotland checked into My Pretty Payma Apartments, also known as Apartmentos Payma.

07.50, Saturday 29th April 2017 (the following morning): Kirsty was found dead at the side of the swimming pool of My Pretty Payma Apartment.

The exact sequence of events and any potential causal factors are not known.

It is known that Kirsty exited from the balcony of 10th floor of apartment 10E, one floor above and at the opposite end to her apartment 9A on the 9th Floor.

Expert analysis indicates she was facing inwards towards that apartment.

How she came to be over the wrong side of the railing and away from the external balustrade at a closed off corridor of the apartment can only be answered by witnesses and those present.

The Spanish police investigated Kirsty’s death as homicide.

On Saturday, 29th April 2017 (the same day), they arrested a British male from Nottingham, England who was released from court on Monday, 1st May 2017.

It is not clear what actually happened due a potentially flawed police investigation, with: 

  • key witnesses not being interviewed
  • major crime scene protocols/procedures not progressed
  • full CCTV apparently not retained
  • evidential exhibits like Kirsty’s clothing destroyed at the autopsy

It is known that room 10E, where Kirsty was before she died, was occupied by English men from Nottingham who may have been using drugs and alcohol.

The circumstances which ensued may have been fueled by the men's use of drugs/ alcohol and a case of mistaken identity by the men in the room, thinking Kirsty was someone else. 

The Spanish police report, media reporting based on Spanish sources (including briefings and quotes from the family’s initial Spanish lawyer) indicate that Kirsty tried to escape the apartment in fear of her life.

Potential lines of inquiry remain outstanding and key individuals who could assist in establishing what happened, or lead to other potential witnesses, have not been traced and interviewed.

In an effort to obtain evidence to support investigations by the Spanish authorities, a high-profile social media and media appeal was launched by Kirsty’s family, supported by an UK-based multilingual independent review team.

A BBC Scotland documentary, 'Killed Abroad', examined the case and reconstructed the possible events with the help of an independent expert.

This website has been created to support the appeal with the intention of generating more information which can assist the investigation. 

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As much information as possible has been published on this website, whilst being careful not to include anything which could be perceived as prejudicial to the ongoing court investigation or the case against any person who may have been culpable for Kirsty’s death.

Please do not assume that Kirsty’s family know what you know. 

There are many unanswered questions and issues in this case which have not been progressed. Please get in contact with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, regarding the various appeal points.